SuperBreakers Case Study

Re-Inventing the Wheel Led to a 58% Increase in Orders & a 23% Improvement in CPA

The Problem:

Superbreakers has been running paid media campaigns since 2009. Over that time period, they have implemented a lot of different strategies. However, in recent years, their account had become stagnant with growth and new ideas. They were in desperate need of an account restructure.

The Solution:

Lockhern Digital was tasked with jump-starting growth on their account. We tackled this problem with a two-pronged solution: an account restructure and an overhaul of their account strategy. ​First, we started with an audit. We found areas of inefficiency, areas of opportunity and areas for new initiatives. From there, we began our restructure process and implemented our audit findings. After the restructure was complete, we decided to completely reinvent the wheel and come up with a tactic they previously had never experienced. Google shopping is a pivotal part of their business. Therefore, we came up with a strategy that focused on value rather than product. Instead of grouping by product type, we grouped by target ROAS. Instead of looking at products for what they are, we looked at what they are worth to the business. Implementing this strategy produced unbelievable results. 

The Results:

Within 60 days, Superbreakers was driving consistent and steady growth.