RingBoost Case Study

Increase in revenue and email open rate within 60 days

The Problem:

RingBoost is a well known, established brand for buying phone numbers. The company has been around since 2003 and they started email marketing in 2015, but have never updated their email designs since inception. Their email marketing emails lacked personality, brand identity and overall flare.

The Solution:

Lockhern came in and immediately redesigned all of their email correspondence. We elevated the look and feel of the emails, as well as included better design components. Additionally, we revised their strategy and including better copy and call-to-actions within the emails. We also implemented dynamic subject lines, that automatically changed based on the user’s search. Similar to standard e-commerce email marketing, if a user was shopping for a pair of pants but did not buy, the pair of pants would be sent as an marketing email to the user, enticing to purchase them. We took this concept and applied to phone numbers. The results rang in.

The Results:

Within 60 days, RingBoost improved their email open rate by 34% and increased revenue by 42%.