Qdoba Case Study

Going after a new audience on a new platform led to generational brand awareness

The Problem:

Qdoba has over 750 locations across the globe and is well known for its delicious Mexican food. However, they have struggled to reach and engage with a large Gen Z audience.

The Solution:

Lockhern studied Qdoba’s business model to identify what would be most compelling to Gen Z. Affordability was a key metric that stood out significantly. Since Qdoba offers free guacamole with all entree orders, and this is something many of their competitors DO NOT offer, we decided to lean into this offering and base our Creative Strategy around it.

The social platform we decided to launch on was TikTok. We coined it ‘GuacOnTok’. We created fun and silly UGC style videos that emphasized how guacamole is free when you order an entree at Qdoba. The results were outstanding!


The Results:

Within 30 days, it quickly became of one the top ads on Tiktok, generating more user engagement than any previous tiktok ad Qdoba has ran in the past. Avg watch time increased 57%, and CPMs improved by 11%.