Cinema Secrets Case Study

Realigning on Strategy Led to an Increase of Revenue by 572%, While Maintaining Efficient Spend

The Problem:

Cinema Secrets has used many different digital agencies in the past, each promising them amazing results across social media platforms. Unfortunately, it was a lot of empty promises and no palpable results. They were ready to give up on working with an agency, until they met Lockhern Digital…

The Solution:

Lockhern Digital knew it was a strategy issue. The campaigns were not structured properly, and the targeting was an absolute mess. We consolidated the campaign structure, focusing on audiences that have shown previous success. We also re-evaluated their creative and realized that it needed a refresh. Creative testing is key, so we implemented a process that would allow for creative swapping on a monthly basis and using best practices, made content for Cinema Secrets that was thumb-stopping. We figured anyone who watches our ads for more than 3 seconds was engaged, so taking the number of people who were engaged and dividing it by the number of impressions, yielded our thumb stopping metric. Paid social has turned into such a creative marketplace, we knew it was more important to test creative than to test targeting. After uploading our creative assets, we would let the algorithm do our testing for us! Additionally, we switched from top-funnel initiatives to more engagement based campaigns, focusing more on the quality of the impression, than the quantity. The results of these new initiatives speak for themselves.

The Results:

Within 90 days, revenue and orders were up 572% and 314%, respectively, while spending 30% less on ads.