Digital Marketing

TikTok’s New AI Script Generator

June 26, 2023

Advanced AI tools like ChatGPT have been developed in the last few years to make our lives easier. Especially in academic and professional settings, we’re seeing people develop tools that make their work easier by the day. TikTok themselves have joined the party as they’ve recently released their ad script generator. In the TikTok creative center, digital advertisers now have a tool that could change the landscape of creative for ads on TikTok.

What is TikTok’s Script Generator? 

It is a new AI tool added to the creative center that can generate script content based on particular inputs by the user. Similar to prompts you would enter on other advanced generative AI programs, Tiktok has built a simple tool with limited relevant prompt categories.

As this tool is extremely new, it’s currently limited to 3 required prompts and 3 additional optional settings. Of the three required sections, it includes a limited dropdown of business industries, product name (limited to 50 characters) and product description (limited to 1000 characters).

Based on your input, the script generator takes your product information and will generate several examples of scripts. From our testing, scripts will include 3 parts (Hook, Scene and Call to Action) and will give you examples of possible on-screen visuals and text-overlays.

Of the advanced optional settings, currently you can choose video format (limited to only “automatic system selection”), keywords (Up to 50 characters, only 5 entries) and duration (short or long). These settings, while limited, are exciting considering TikTok’s recent public interest in developing their in-platform search.

How to use TikTok’s Script Generator?

Use of the application is extremely simple, TikTok has made it easy to input the business industry, product name and product description. It is as simple as copying product name and descriptions from a product detail page and putting it into the prompts. From there, you can choose to input keywords if you want the program to emphasize certain selling points of the product. Next, you click generate scripts and it will create examples for you.

As a digital marketer or professional with any advanced AI software, it is important to be skeptical and realistic. This technology is extremely new and it should be understood that it is best meant to be used as a tool rather than a crutch. At its current state, TikTok’s script generator is a great way of developing some best practices for your creative on TikTok but isn’t replacing creative writers anytime soon. That being said, it is an interesting development and we are excited to learn more about this and future programs.