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Case Studies

Tony Boloney's

Implementing a new strategy and redesigning the emails led to unbelievable results

The Problem

Tony Boloney has been running email marketing campaigns for years. Over that time period, they have implemented a lot of different strategies. However, recently, their emails had bad open rates, high unsubscribe rates and revenue remained flat. They were in desperate need of a new email strategy.


Old Email Design

old tony email.PNG
email example tony.PNG

The Solution

Lockhern Digital was tasked with redesigning all of the emails. We thought the best design would be to follow the brand identity - fun, loud and vibrant! We also knew that 3rd party delivey apps such as Grubhub, UberEats and Doordash were taking large profits away from Tony Boloney. We knew that if we could drive more in-store sasles, we could increase the brand's bottom line. Therefore, we created a strategy around coupon codes and discounts that were available for IN-STORE only. We offered free swag for anyone that showed the email and walked into a local tony boloney restaurant. We also leaned more into copy and made the emails way more rubust. Implementing this strategy produced unbelievable results. 

The Results

Within 30 days, Tony Boloney saw a lift in email open rate, CTR and a decease in unsubscribe rate.

New Email Design

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