Search Engine Marketing


For Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Hiring an agency to do your paid search can be costly and ambiguous. We approach things differently at Lockhern, by acting as your partner, not just another agency. We believe that collaboration is key and good things happen when both parties have skin in the game.


Let Lockhern Digital manage all of your SEM efforts - from soup to nuts!

What We Offer

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Google Ads & Bing Ads Management

Driving Results

Let us focus on managing your paid search campaigns so you can focus on things that matter more to your business! We will build, develop, and execute all campaigns including brand, non-brand & conquesting. We will be hands on keyboard so you don't have to!

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Google Shopping

Improve Your ROI

Have an E-commerce business? Google shopping will allow you to show your products directly on the search engine, including product images and descriptions! Differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your return on investment by running shopping ads!



Get More Ads in Front of Customers

Ever browse a product or service on the internet and then see an ad for that EXACT product or service a few days later? Well, that company is re-targeting you! Re-target users who have already been to your website by re-engaging them with display ads that follow them throughout the internet.