Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Facebook has become one of the biggest pinnacles of the internet. Companies now a days have to advertise on social media just to stay relevant. 

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Facebook & Instagram

The two goliaths of social media, running campaigns on FB and IG needs to be an integral part of our digital marketing strategy. Layering in SEM even further expands your digital footprint and allows for a 360 approach

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Reporting, Insights & Analysis

Understanding attribution is important to understand how well your ads are actually performing. Without proper attribution, creative that is in market might not necessarily be driving the results you are looking for

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Ancillary Platforms

Taking advantage of additional social media platforms such as Pinterest, Snapchat and Tiktok allows you to capture all users across all outlets. It is important to start with just FB and IG but equally important to eventually roll out the ancillary social media platforms.


LinkedIn Ads

Perfect for B2B businesses, running sponsored ads on LinkedIn can be a very lucrative addition to your digital marketing strategy. Like most ad platforms, LinkedIn charges on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.