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Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

The continued growth of social media platforms and their influence on consumer behavior make Social Media Marketing a foundation in any digital marketing strategy. With a full suite of tools available, businesses of all shapes and sizes can reach their ideal customer.


Facebook & Instagram

The average user spends nearly 60 minutes per day on Facebook & Instagram, accounting for more than 40% of time spent on all social media. With precision targeting and thumb-stopping creative, brands can quickly see immediate results and growth for their business.


Testing Framework

In an ever-evolving ecosystem of ad creative, copy and targeting, we focus on creating testing strategies that actually answer your business questions. Understanding what works and what doesn't is imperative to be able to pivot strategies and make faster, better decisions.


Social Landscape

Facebook & Instagram are no longer the only platforms users visit on a daily basis. This has allowed specializations to appear on other platforms, such as TikTok, Snapchat & Pinterest. Regardless of a company's ideal audience, there exists a social platform where that community thrives.


LinkedIn Ads

Perfect for B2B businesses, running sponsored ads on LinkedIn can be a perfect addition to your digital marketing strategy. With a unique targeting functionality, it is easy to reach professionals by job title, industry and other relevant qualifications. 

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