Search Engine Marketing Services

For Agencies

Managing a paid search account can be tedious & time consuming. We will handle everything in SEM management including optimizations, reporting, analysis, strategy and more. We believe that collaboration is key and good things happen when both parties have skin in the game.


Let Lockhern Digital be your 'hands on keyboard' so you can focus on things that matter!

What We Offer

Google & Bing Ads Management

Save Time & Money

Focus on things that matter by outsourcing your ppc accounts to Lockhern Digital. Hiring a full time SEM person can be upwards of six figures (or more!) but Lockhern Digital is only a fraction of that price! We will manage the ins and outs of all your SEM campaigns.

Client Friendly Reporting

Show Off Fancy, Client-Ready Reports

We will do all client reporting and other client facing docs including weekly, monthly, and quarterly business reviews (QBR's).

Strategy and Analysis

Get Insights, Not Call Outs

We provide palpable strategy that actually moves the needle. We can advise on new or current strategies, as well as new betas and SEM initiatives. Also, help win new business with Lockhern Digital audits!

Have a team that is struggling with writing insights? We can help train staff on how to craft meaningful insights and amazing reports!


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