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About Us

Cory Botti

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Cory graduated in 2009 from Binghamton University with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics. In 2014, he received a Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship from Baruch College. It was there he learned what it means to be a business owner and eventually continued his career through various digital marketing agencies. However, in 2019, Cory realized it was time to find an opportunity to develop his own vision of the 'perfect' SEM strategy. Supported by his passion for entrepreneurship and motivated by his vast knowledge of SEM, Cory was determined to create his own company where he could carry out his own vision. 

Aric Whiteley

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Aric brings 8 years of specialization in PPC, with the last 4 focusing in on e-commerce. Working across different layers: client, agency, and consulting he has mastered intent based marketing tactics. 
Most recently he has also founded the Machete Platform, which is a platform that specializes in Amazon PPC management.


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